How do you knit a keyhole scarf?

Divide stitches for keyhole

Follow these easy steps to tie a keyhole scarf:

  1. Fold scarf in half lengthwise and wrap around your neck.
  2. Keep looped end on one part and open ends on the other.
  3. Slip the opens ends through the loop and lightly tighten and alter as desired.
  4. Allow the ends to fall where you’re feeling comfortable.

Likewise, how do you tie a dressy scarf? Start with the headband in a triangle; fold the center area two more instances over itself, so you end up with a long, skinny oblong. Vicinity the scarf around your neck. Tie a knot in one end, then pull any other conclusion by means of that knot. Alter the knot to the peak you want.

Also, what is a keyhole scarf?

Keyhole Scarf Pattern – How to Knit a Keyhole. This keyhole scarf is a pleasant simple garter sew sample with a difference. This has a gap in a single conclusion to keep it fastened collectively and stay properly wrapped around your neck. Finally, a knit scarf that correctly remains in vicinity and continues you pleasant and warm.

How do you tie a rectangular silk scarf?

To accomplish this look, grab your favorite medium or huge square silk scarf and follow the steps below.

  1. Fold the headband right into a triangle and wrap it around your neck in order that the aspects are within the back.
  2. Bring the two aspects round to the the front and tie them over the v.
  3. Arrange as you like and you are done.

How do you yarn over in knitting?

To make a yarn over, you certainly carry the knitting yarn (the “over” strand) over the needle among two existing stitches on one row, after which paintings that strand as a sew when you work your as far back as it in the next row. Until you get used to them, yarn overs may be a little confusing.